Miami Can’t Handle The Heat

by JMDGamotia

I’ve accidentally had their repugnant reasons during the 2014 NBA Finals as part of the 2014 NBA Playoffs, right?

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The NBA harbors its dreams of international expansion, scrubs away at its problems with slippery-slope racism, and can’t quite manufacture rules that result in league-wide competitive balance. But first things first: Somebody in San Antonio needs to fix the AC, the absence of which helped the Spurs win Game 1 of the NBA Finals over the Heat.

Initially, many involved joked about how the conditions in the sweltering AT&T Center on Thursday for Game 1 of the NBA Finals reminded of sepia-toned memories. When we played poor. When we played outside. When all that mattered was a ball and a rim and a friend to play with, modern comforts like indoor air conditioning be damned.

But the AC stayed broke-down. And eventually, LeBron James and the Miami Heat joined the same state.

“It was frustrating sitting out and not being able to help our team,”…

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